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HZAU Holds a Semiannual Working Conference on Security and Stability

On September 27, a semiannual working conference on security and stability was held by HZAU. Attendees included all Deputy Secretaries of the Party Committee , Deputy Deans of colleges, and the principal heads from all functional departments. University leaders Wang Congyan and Guo Gangqi attended the meeting and delivered speeches. At the meeting, they analyzed and judged the safety work in the fields of student work, ideology construction, international cooperation, public security, laboratory management, fire protection, traffic control and so on, and made arrangements for key tasks in the second half of the year.

Wang said, safety and stability are the foundation of university work, therefore every department should get ready to reduce risks, to meet challenges and to do a good job in university safety and stability work. Firstly, related staff should enhance the awareness of carrying out fully-covered safety education actively and be cooperative in the special management of bicycles. These can help improve the safety and stability work. Secondly, we should carefully sort out the responsibilities for safety and stability work within our jurisdiction, and effectively implement correlative tasks. Finally, early warning, early deployment, early arrangement, and early prevention of potential dangers should be ensured, especially in some key areas.

Guo stressed that life is above everything, and safety is of prime importance in university work. All departments’ staff should be aware that we need to overcome difficulties, take actions on implementing safety work, and effectively protect the lives and property of staffs, faculties and students of HZAU. The first is to prioritize safety because safety and stability are prerequisites for the high-quality development of HZAU. We should seriously practice the overall national security ideal and firmly establish the concept of safety development. Secondly, we should pay attention to details, raise the guard consciousness, be more vigilant to eliminate potential security risks and enhance the emergency capacity. Thirdly, we should establish a system with unified leadership, different labor division, deep cooperation and quick response. It encourages us to share ideas on addressing difficulties and join hands with each other in our work. Finally, we should strengthen responsibility, pay close attention to the examination and accountability, and focus on university safety work with a strict, meticulous, and practical work style.

Translated by Chen Yuhan
Proofread by Wang Jiahao