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HZAU Leaders Hold 28th Scheduling of 2023

The leaders of HZAU held the 28th Scheduling of 2023 via video conferencing connecting two sites, the main campus and Xiangyang Institute. Attendees briefed on the recent work and reported on the week’s schedule. Li Zhaohu, the President of HZAU, presided over the meeting and made arrangements for key issues of the week.

The meeting urged efforts to earnestly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on culture and President Xi’s instructions regarding culture, calling for sound progress of related work on all fronts, which provides a strong ideological guarantee, spiritual strength and favorable cultural conditions for the building of a world-class university with distinctive characteristics.

The meeting briefed on the operation of Xiangyang Institute, an innovative education center that integrates industry, research and education. Thanks to the close cooperation and thorough preparation of all parties, the nascent Institute exhibits order and successfulness. The meeting urged Xiangyang Institute to carry out works with efficiency and high quality and constantly improve teaching programs regarding practical skills, school service and regulation, giving full play to the function of the Institute.

The meeting emphasized that we should carry out the guidance and education for college and post-graduate freshmen, including the teaching of basic courses on humanities and science, survey and guidance on study, enabling freshmen to better adapt to the new life in college. We must well prepare for the 62nd Sports Meeting of HZAU and a series of competitions named “Shizishan Cup”, and we should endeavor to organize for the participation of faculties and students. By taking part in the Game under the slogan “Without sports, there is no HZAU”, they will acquire knowledge of sports, master sports skills, and therefore avoid sports injuries. The meeting stressed the necessity of deepening international exchanges, promoting higher-level joint education and boosting scientific innovation and exchanges of faculties and students. The meeting also mentioned that we should build centers for experiments and teaching of science and a super-computing center more efficiently.

Translated by Song Bowen
Proofread by Jin Yuxuan