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Vice President Yang Shaobo’s Delegation Visit Japanese Universities for Cooperation

A delegation led by Vice President Yang Shaobo of HZAU visited Kyoto University, Kindai University and Nagoya University in a bid to conduct exchanges and cooperation in horticulture from September 24 to 28.

Yang Shaobo delegation with Vice President Hisashi Miyagawa and other representatives from Kyoto University

Head of School of Agricultural Sciences of Nagoya University and HZAU delegation

HZAU delegation and faculties and students of Kindai University

During the visit, Yang emphasized that the major impetus for the university's development lies within international cooperation. The strategic cooperation with the three Japanese universities can not only provide a broad prospective for the development of university's disciplines, but also promote the in-depth cooperation in common basic technology research, international joint laboratory construction and international talent training. He also noted the high degree of similarity in research fields between the two sides helps the establishment of a closer bilateral cooperation mechanism in basic research and technological research, achieving common development.
Three academic forums were carried out in the topic of plant grafting, stone cell development of fruit, and regulation of flower color formation. During the sessions, a PhD from Malaysia shared the latest research results on pepper resistance, a researcher from Kindai University showcased the leading-edge advances in the flower color development of African violets, and a researcher from Nagoya University introduced the latest progress in the study of stone cell development and graft compatibility in pears. Meanwhile, Chen Wenxing, associate professor of fruit science of HZAU, made a special introduction on the history of HZAU and the College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences, its advanced disciplines, and the characteristics of internationalized education.
The delegation organized the Japan sub-forum of the 8th South Lake Innovation Forum for International Young Talents during its visit to Japan, and had in-depth exchanges with overseas scholars. Yang Shaobo and his delegation also visited alumni studying in the three universities and working in Japan, having cordial talks with them.

Translated by Zhang Yu
Proofread by Xia Xinyi