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HZAU Students Shine at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

On October 8, the 19th Asian Games ended successfully in Hangzhou. Thousands of people have made concerted efforts for it. Many young people have worked hard both inside and outside the stadium, helping to deliver a great event that is distinctly Chinese, uniquely Asian and spectacular. Among them, Lang Zihan, Sun Gaojing, Yu Xianqin and Song Yingqian, four students from the College of Foreign Languages, had their unique memories of Asiad.

Sun Gaojing (Photo/College of Foreign Languages)

Sun Gaojing participated in the Asiad as an event news translator in the Chinese Editorial Office of the AGNS. It is said that “there is no end to learning". With the expectation of the opportunity for real-world experience and developing valuable skills, she signed up for the recruitment and was successfully admitted. But opportunities came with challenges. As a bridge between athletes, spectators and sports commentators, excellent professional quality and deliberation were essential for accurate translation, cultural respect and maintaining the stance of Chinese culture. Speaking about her participation, she was very humble, and said: “It is my great honor”, which is what Xie Zhenye, the Chinese sprint athlete who impressed her most, said in a post-race interview. From him, she learned the meaning of perseverance and hard work, which inspired her to overcome difficulties and pursue her dreams.

Yu Xianqin (Photo/College of Foreign Languages)

Yu Xianqin also took part in the translation of event news. She described her work as “the process was very intense, and translators needed to be brave but not reckless, paying attention to both efficiency and details”. It was the sense of responsibility and commitment that made her through hard work around the clock. She said that it is our unshirkable responsibility and glorious mission to persevere until the end and bring a successful conclusion to the Asiad. In addition to work, she also shared her life in the Media Village. She said, “The Media Village is like a home from home. From the first moment I entered the Village, I was surrounded by smiles and greetings”. Asked how she would describe the experience, she sincerely exclaimed, “It was unforgettable. I felt like I was reshaped and I am grateful for this experience.”

Lang Zihan (the second from the right)

The Hangzhou Asian Games recruited a total of 37,600 volunteers, collectively known as the "XiaoQingHe" (i.e., little green lotus) in reference to the color of their uniforms, and Lang Zihan is one of them. As a NOC assistant, she mainly worked as a translation assistant and helped with the daily lives of guests from different countries. She mentioned that to provide high-standard and high-quality services, the volunteers have gone through countless all-element drills and emergency simulations, which were kind of boring, but she was still devoted. She said that the cooperation and company from her teammates encouraged her to move forward. Every volunteer was a green lotus, joining hands together to present a wonderful and brilliant sports gala. It was “Unity, Friendship, and Progress” that embodied the spirit of the Asiad.
Song Yingqian worked as a language coordinator for the Hangzhou Asian Games, providing translation service for the athletes. During her volunteer service, she has devoted herself to it with full enthusiasm. In the communication with athletes, she was flexible in her approach, using sign language, spoken language and body language to solve the difficulties caused by accent. While serving foreign guests, she told Chinese story as a bridge across different cultures with confidence. She said, “In my daily job, I came to realize the importance of teamwork, and information sharing within and between teams was indispensable.” Everyone did his or her job well, remained at their posts, combined their efforts and dedication, and worked together as one so as to help make the Hangzhou Asian Games a success.
On October 16, China Xinhua News Network Corperation (CNC) extended gratitude to MTI students Sun Gaojing and Yu Xianqin, from the College of Foreign Languages of HZAU for their great contributions to AGNS at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. “Every individual, no matter how insignificant, has his own role. In the Asiad, our students manifested the mission and responsibility of the youth to contribute their power, demonstrated the spirit of the school motto of HZAU ‘learn and practice, achieve and help achieve’, and the willingness and commitment of foreign languages practitioners to serve as a bridge. With the vitality of Chinese youth and the spirit of the College, they participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games and eventually contributed to the wonderful and splendid success together.” said Ms. Ren Dan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Foreign Languages.

Translated by Fu Shipeng
Proofread by He Qiuyan
Supervised by Guo Haiyan